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The Best Kitchen and Dining Design Trends of 2019 that would be taken to the New Year

The year 2019 is running quickly to a close with only two months remaining before the New Year.Still, there continues to be design masterpieces to take away from it regarding especially contemporary kitchen and dining room designs and setups. It has really proven to be an eventful year as predicted in 2018 with lots of beautiful and aesthetically standard designs for homes (especially the interior compartments). We therefore want to run you through a few of the very best 2019 kitchen and dining room design choices which could still be practiced and developed in the new year without being considered as stale.

Smart Kitchen

As technology has been able to turn our mobile phones and most other gadgets and appliances we use in our homes to the smart, the need arises that the home where we use them has to be a complement of their smart forms. Therefore technology mixed with home designs more conspicuously in 2019 to give everyone smart kitchen designs. So now, everyone could boast of a kitchen integrated with technology in its every functions and appliances from faucets to fridge and lightning. A lot of kitchens today are built smart from ground up with equipment and accessories. The best of all is that this is an evolving aspect of design which means that it would stay contemporary for quite a long time.

White colors are on their way out!

Few years back, you would hardly see a kitchen space without white or bright colors. It is believed that the care of the kitchen becomes easier with these colors as stains would be easily spotted and dealt with. This idea is strolling to oblivion by the day. Although white cabinets remains classic and could be used in any kind of kitchen, 2019 looked like finally seeing them out as their use decline majorly in popularity, giving way to the neutral shades and dark colors.  I have personally seen these on a few kitchen and they looked just luxurious.

Streamlined designs and simplicity taking center stage

No doubt the farmhouse styles and mid-century modern remains popular in 2019 but homeowners are generally opting for simplicity over extravagance in their designs. They are getting streamlined in their choices of designs especially by finding alternative materials for kitchens to give a generally stress-free environment. They have started removing upper wall cabinets to increase visual space in the kitchen and allow larger and brighter ambience. Therefore, countertop space are used more productively. A lot of designs have just been pushed up to satisfy homeowners’ cravings for simplicity and streamlined designs. This also affect the choices of materials and their textures.

Quartz remains king

You could echo this even louder. Quarts remain the god for high-end kitchen countertops. This is because of the nature and characteristics of the materials which are hardness and long-lasting use. It could last for almost forever. It is also a breeze to maintain as well as antimicrobial. Granite is the main competitor in this bracket and it requires maybe more maintenance. Best of, you could get quarts finished with elaborate swirls and large veining to look like other natural stones. These styles have grown massively in popularity in 2019.

Concealing storage solutions

Beginning from the new clutter-free counters initiatives, a single message is simply passed that it is time to tidy up. No one wants cabinets and appliances that shows everything anymore. Kitchen design and accessories clients are gravitating more on a daily basis towards clean and concealed integration in kitchen designs, especially with maximized storage solutions.


The dining room much like the kitchen have attracted several new and contemporary design ideas in 2019 that could be taken into the New Year too.

Thanksgiving setupsare finally on the way out!

Majority of homeowners are waking up to the reality that most dining rooms are set up to wait for thanksgiving. Since designers have been coming with ideas that negate this setting few years back, 2019 finally saw people adjusting to the new wave. Now dining rooms are classier as they are now well appointed designer spaces where everyone would actually want to eat in.

Ambience of art mixes

Dining space creativity is fast moving and productive. The next in line and perhaps most popular is the artful mixes in the space. Designers have proposed numerous new ways that modern arts meet with traditional to produce ethereal spaces where everyone just want to eat. Mostly, it is usually a mixture of natural textures from woven leather rugs to lacquered raffia wallpaper, neutral fabrics and lightning as well as colors that sets the space in perfect and airy mood.

The Verdant Vision

It is believed that hunger is a natural call. Thus, designers think everyone needs a complementary natural ambience to answer such dials. This is perhaps what is proposed by the verdant vision dining room setup. This is simply a garden view spiced with hand-painted wall covering. Other color accents and accessories like pendant light and neutral fabrics as well as vintages usually add to the beauty to create a glamorous ambience.

Color Polishes

What has been observed is that the creativity in the dining room designs come in various forms including color creativity. All designers care about the beautiful and mature ambience paired with pedigreed antiques that would be produced following the touches. This kind of design do not exclude modern arts, graphics, geometric rugs, spiced celling and elegant wall coverings.

Outdoor/Sunny Breakfast Space

This is basically about creating a soothing connection between indoors and outdoors in the dining room. The greens of garden are masked into the dining room design, wallpapers are made to camouflage the room tight quarters, apple-green molding are placard on designs and it is finished with beautiful painting that appeal to the eye. The chairs are given botanical prints to give an all-natural and all-green ambience within.

Now you have insights and takeaways to the New Year about how best, elegant and beautiful your dining room and kitchen should look.

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